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Enhance your public procurement expertise with AEXA

Join the Public Procurement Experts Association in Bucharest, Romania, for exclusive insights and networking opportunities. Elevate your professional skills and stay ahead in the field of public procurement. Connect with like-minded professionals at AEXA today.


Networking Events and Workshops

Participate in our networking events and workshops to connect with industry professionals and expand your knowledge.

Training and Development Programs

We offer comprehensive training and development programs tailored to the needs of professionals.

Legal Consultation Services

Our team of legal experts provides professional consultation services for all your legal needs.

What Sets Us Apart From the Rest, Why Are We The Best?

+10 years

Supporting and representing public procurement experts for over 10 years.

1000+ participants

AEXA is home to a diverse community of over 1000 public procurement professionals.

Global reach

Connecting professionals from around the world to share knowledge and best practices.

Industry recognition

AEXA is a recognized authority in the field of public procurement.


Adrian Ceparu

Adrian Ceparu

Experienced attorney offering tailored legal solutions, adept at navigating complexities, achieving results, and fostering trust through clear communication, integrity, and client-centered representation. 

Florin Irmia

Florin Irmia

Expert in public procurement law, ensuring compliance, transparency, and efficiency. Tailored solutions for navigating complexities, mitigating risks, and optimizing processes in government contracts. 

Gelu Cazan

Gelu Cazan

Experienced business consultant adept at overseeing negotiations, drafting agreements, and ensuring compliance. Specialized in optimizing processes, minimizing risks, and fostering successful public-privat relationships.

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We are a group of dedicated individuals committed to providing the best. With years of experience in the industry, we strive to be the best in our field and put our customers first. Our team is passionate about building relationships with each and every one of you and creating an environment where everyone feels welcome. We work hard to ensure that your experience with us is perfect, and we are here to help you. Thank you for choosing us as your go-to provider; we look forward to serving you!
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